CAJON - (kæˈhəʊn; Spanish kaˈxon


Definition: NOUN

A Peruvian wooden box used as a

drum and played with the hands


Word Origin

C20: from Spanish, literally: crate/box


All Our  Instruments

are Hand Made

in the USA!

Make A Joyful Noise Unto The Lord  Psalms 100

KINGDOM KAJON  Is a designer and builder of innovative percussion equipment. Our goal is not to produce vast quantity but head turning quality. Our start was to build a cajon to play with friends in my home.  I wasn't satisfied with the typical box style cajon but to experiment to find quality sounds pleasing to the ear. As I studied cajons I wondered why there have not been major advancements in design. Why were they so uncomfortable to sit on? Are guitar wires running the length of the face of the cajon the best way to get a snare sound? The vision and goal of Kingdom Kajon is to learn from the past and bring fresh new ideas to create an innovative drum with a variation of sounds to stir up the creativity of the percussionist. Our patented EZ Rocker Snare design is unique to Kingdom Kajon, it gives the drummer the option to turn the snare on or off simply by leaning the Kajon forward or back while never skipping a beat. More options, more creativity! The addition of our patented percussion inputs brings shakers, tambourine jingles, wood blocks, and cowbells to your drum. We enjoy giving the percussionist the tools to make creative and innovative sounds. The addition of our cymbal mount gives you even more options to enhance your creativity and fill those areas only the cymbal can. We take great pride in the appearance of our Instruments and enjoy creating a beautiful  drums that will be enjoyed even when not being played. Our "Signature Series" line includes a custom paint work that is pleasing to the eyes. We launched our "Artist Series Line" of kajons to include creative one of a kind paintings by local artists.  Our goal is to create a drum experience for you that is enjoyed for a lifetime. cajon  cajjon cajon cajon cajon cajon cajon cajon cajon cajon
The KAJON is no longer a box to keep a beat on, but a musical instrument that adds variety and creativity to any music set.