Artists Series

We were so excited to introduce our "Artist Line" of kajon's in 2015 and proud and amazed at what some of these talented artists have created. Early on we saw how the visual art could be combined with instruments of sound to complete a masterpiece to be enjoyed even when the drum is not being played. Currently we have new artists working on drums and really look forward to see what they come up with. Let us know if you have an artist you would like to complete one for you.

Kingdom Kajon "Artist Series" Kajon by Jill Wyckoff

Jill Elizabeth Wyckoff

Jill is a finger painter. She paints each piece entirely with her bare hands and without the use of brushes. This tangible connection allows her to feel the flow of the acrylic, her fingers joyfully dancing across the canvas (or wood) in a form of worship to the One who created her to create. She paints prophetically, without agenda or pre-conceived idea, but waits on the Holy Spirit to give her a vision or a sense of the spiritual atmosphere. Jill has painted in venues across California and other parts of the world and has seen God move powerfully to bring healing and wholeness through all forms of creativity, including her artwork. Jill creatively fights for freedom by using art parties, workshops, retreats, and events to help individuals discover and express their own unique artistic freedom and then uses a portion of all proceeds, including proceeds from art sales, to help provide freedom for those enslaved in human trafficking. She is not only an artist but an abolitionist fighting for justice for those who cannot fight for themselves.

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Mary Jordan Crawford

Mary is a local artist from North County San Diego area. Besides her talents in painting Mary is also a talented musician and singer. Creativity runs deep in the Crawford household. Her husband Jim is a gifted guitarist and luthier who builds, repairs, and upgrades guitars. 

Mary was asked to paint one of our "Pro Series" Kajons for the group "Army Rising San Diego" for an event to raise money. Her vision was incredible and we really appreciate the time and effort she spent to do an amazing job on this Kajon. I was told she has vision for more work on our Kajons and look forward to partnering with her in the near future.

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Commissioned by a young man with a vision: This work of art was a dream from a 13 year old young man, even the colors were inspired by him. Mary did an amazing job bringing this work of art to life and those eyes WOW!!!

Jennifer Lazenby Quan

Jennifer is known for creating dynamic richly colored paintings in acrylic and mixed media. She uses a variety of techniques including both brush and finger painting, spray bottles and a variety of mediums to create her works.  A lover of abstract concepts and nurturing a deep appreciation for the connections between art and architectural history, culture and spirituality; these themes heavily influence her work creating a story behind each of her pieces containing a rich sense of context and meaning.

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Paul Moretti

Paul is a local San Diego artist, husband and father of three. After retiring from a long career as a surf board manufacturer, Paul turned to paint as his new medium in creative expression. Much of Paul’s inspiration for his work comes from his encounters with nature while surfing in Southern California and the Hawaiian islands.  Paul now resides in the La Jolla area.
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619 339-8607

Dianne Tylski

A native to California, Dianne began her journey into art at a young age. During her high school  years she took a mail-in art course while working on her art work in class. In her senior year she won an art contest to redesign the seal for the City of Escondido. She was granted an art scholarship to Biola College. Later in her life Dianne adapted painting and Photoshop techniques to her husband’s photography business to create one of a kind art pieces for bridal albums. Dianne began painting on canvas again in 2015 to reproduce images that she saw in her mind while spending time alone in God’s presence. She currently holds art classes and teaches art techniques to other artists who paint from inspiration. For more info regarding Dianne and her artwork go to :