We make a verity of wooden percussion instruments. All our products are designed and built right here in the USA. We continually design, refine and create new instruments and designs. Below are a few things we are currently offering. We enjoy working with others on ideas for your own personal instruments, please feel free to contact us you have any questions or ideas. We are here to bring more creative and beautiful percussion to the world.


Pro Series cajon

This hand made molded Kajon is like no other in the industry. The narrow top produces incredible high tones while with a short reach you receive the richest bass you will find in a wooden drum. These Kajons take up to 40 hours to build because of the complex molding process involved in creating this musical instrument but its well worth it! This model can built to house two percussion input knobs to accommodate our full line of percussion options offered including jingles, shakers, wood blocks, and cowbell. Add a your custom paint job, artwork and options to create a one of a kind drum you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Sunburst Cajon

Our Box cajon may look like the standard cajon, but our use of quality materials and craftsmanship offers a sound quality you will quickly notice. Each one is hand made here in the USA. We pride ourselves in a quality affordable product for you to enjoy. Our Easy On Snare puts this cajon well above the competition and far easier to make the changes to the snare sound. We offer a custom padded seat that not only brings comfort but beauty to your drum. Add a custom painted finish and options for a one of a kind cajon you will be proud of and enjoy for many years to come.

We enjoy creating a verity of hand drums that sound great with added mobility. These drums are great to take on an outing to the beach or a picnic at the park. Each can even have snare added for addition sounds. They can be played by hand or rubber mallets. They also make a great starter drum for those interested in keeping a beat. We can make custom mounts to incorporate muliple drums to be mounted on a cymbal stand as shown on the right. A verity of sizes makes a fun creation of tones.