Options & Accessories


Kingdom Kajon offers a variety of creative percussion sounds and accessories in which many can be built right inside your kajon giving you the unique ability to create sounds never before heard in a cajon. Our goal is to give you the percussionist the tools needed to enhance your creativity and bring new sounds into your music set.

Our optional percussion instruments are played by compressing percussion input knobs mounted on the face of our drum. This patented design  makes it possible to have up to four other percussion instruments within reach while playing the face of your kajon. You can have just one knob for up to two instrument,  or have a second knob added for up to four percussion instruments. We mount the knob heights according to your playing. Our cymbal/accessory mount gives you further creativity by giving you even more options. With a simple reach you can fill the atmosphere with the sounds  of a cymbal or accessory that a drum beat just cannot fill. The use of our brushes and mallets take you to a new level of sounds simply by switching out your sticks.  



E/Z Rocker Snare


​Our PATENTED E/Z ROCKER SNARE allows you to to turn the snare on and off simply by rocking the Kajon forward or backward allowing the percussionist to change sounds while never skipping a beat.

* Standard on all our Pro Series Kajons.

Shakers                                      29.00

Our SHAKER option adds shakers to your input knob giving you a creative option to your Kajon Instrument during those times where you need something more than a drum beat. It can be added to each side if desired.

* Available on our Pro Series Kajons.


Tambo                                         29.00

Our Tambo jingle option adds multiple tambourine style jingles to one of your percussion input knobs for the addition of a creative and unique sound. They can be installed on either left or right side to fit your playing style.

* Available on our Pro Series Kajons.


Wood Blocks                                 75.00

Our WOOD BLOCK option allows for an even more creative ability to create unique sounds for your music set. We make a variety of wood block sizes for a variety of sounds.

Microphone                                 209.00

We have tested a variety of microphones and had great results with the Sure Beta91a microphone. When installed it brings your kajon's sound to a new level with capabilities beyond your imagination. 


Microphone Installation with Plug

How nice it is to show up at your gig plug in and play. We build a custom mount for the Shure Beta 91A and run a plug to the back of your kajon. 


For those who desire a greater diversity of sounds we have created our  accessory / cymbal mount ready to receive your 1/2 inch cymbal arm. This acessory mounts directly to the bottom of your drum with set screws to hold your cymbal arm securly in place.

Our cymal sticks and brushes add the desired sounds and tones to fill those spots a drum cannot. We love the diversity this piece adds to the percussionist.

Kajon/Cajon                                    49.50

Cymbal Mount

Padded Case                                   $139

Our custom fit Padded Cases adds protection to your Kajon Instrument during those times you need to take your kajon on the road. Each bag comes with a handle and shoulder strap to ease in its movement. The bag is built big enough to carry your cymbal and arm. Keep your kajon beautiful and safe when you take it on the road.


Mallets                                         $15 ea

We have created these amazing mallets that tremendously enhance the bass while giving you the comfort of sitting upright while playing. These mallets bring your drum to a whole new level of deep base. I would highly recommend these to anyone playing any style box drum.

Cymbal Sticks and Brushes

We have created a verity of creative sticks and brushes to complemet your cymbal and acessories. Each creates a unique sound. The brushes are created with harder split bamboo to bring the tone out of your cymbal and most come with a mallet ball to play on your drum. The brushes create a crisp snare type sound while using the mallet ball creating a unique and creative sound. These sticks and brushes are longer than our standard ones to help you reach your cymbal with ease and comfort. We have fun creating a verity of these for people like your looking for a verity of sounds and tones. Our friends even use this while playing thier kits. 

Cymbal Bag                          $31.50


Our custom padded cymbal bags wer built to hold your cymbal up to 16 inches and designed to fit into your Kajon's Padded Case. You can pack all your gear in one case for those gigs on the road. The bag is constructed with the same quility padded material as our larger Kajon case.