This is a one of a kind Artist Series Kajon by artist Jennifer Quan. This drum features our patented E/z rocker snare system, built in wood block, shakers and tambo. She is also equipped with our Shure Beta 91a mic mount and external plug. The padded color matched seat makes this drum super comfortable to sit on for hours. When not being played it is a beautiful one of a kind artwork to be enjoyed just sitting waiting for the next percussionist. The big bass and crisp snare gives you great separation of sounds to truly be enjoyed.


Kingdom Kajons are unique and include three patented features that include the ez rocker snare system that allows you to turn the snare on by simply sitting the drum back slightly. Percussion inputs that gives you a built in wood block, shakers and tambourine. The unique shape give you a verity of tones not found on a box cajon while affording you superior comfort. 


*shakers and wood block mounted on l/h input.

*tombo mouted on r/h input.

*mic sold separately


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  • Our E/z rocker snare is just one of our patented designs that allows you to turn the snare on by simply leaning the drum back. We use real snare drum snares giving you that authentic snare drum sound.