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As a drum builder I appreciate a drum with amazing tone. Playing this Kajon is a blast . The variety of tones and the playability invokes creativity. Lots of smiles with this drum. Large venues or small acoustic settings, you have it all.


Jerry Chapman,

Drumspeaker To The Nations.



Scott Prather, Drummer IN THE MIDST 777

As a percussionist, I am always searching for better sounds and ways to produce them. After purchasing six different models of traditional cajons I felt I had found the best sound for me; then I was introduced to Kingdom Kajons by a good friend. The difference was so drastic! Not only do they produce deep, clear bass tones other cajons only dream about, but the high tones are perfect as well. Kingdom Kajons unique percussion options such as shakers, jingles and wood blocks are easily accessible and intuitive to use. Best of all, with their internal mic setup I can capture every nuance of my sound and send it to front of house or a studio mixer. I will never go back to a traditional cajon again. Thank you Kingdom Kajon for greatly improving the ways I can make music. 

Mike Freeman

Musician/Sound Engineer

Oceanside, Ca

Clyde Catubig


San Diego CA.













Marc Anthony Videro

Latin A GoGo

My Kingdom Kajon is the best cajon I have ever played or heard. I love the deep bass, snare, and wood block sounds, It sounds like a drum kit when plugged in.  The new addition of the cymbal mount and cow bell gives me even more ability to create unique creative percussion. I highly recommend Kingdom Kajon to those looking for quality sound.

                       Joe Urquhart

                   Tour Drummer

          Brenden James Band














Laura Lee Bonde


Flames Of Glory


Carl Perkins - Drummer, Vista Ca.

Rockin Ricky receives his Cajon

Doug Hundley with wife/artist Lauralyn

Drummer, Awakening International

Vista, Ca














                                               Henry Haney

                          Worship Leader/Songwriter

                                          Lover of Jesus

As a 6' 5" tall  therapist and amateur drummer I had to stoop over to play a normal cajon. Dan created a beautiful birch cajon to fit me. The snare is terrific. The box has large ports that channel sound forward. He is a genius with new ideas which improve the quality of sound. He also created tambourine-like sounds, shaker sounds and a wood block sounds, The result is a more full percussion experience, that I can carry in one hand. The addition of the built in microphone sends a clear and vibrant sound through good speaker system. I have a one of a kind "kit in a box". Dan works with me on new ideas and innovations. Drummers are blown away by their beauty, sound and uniqueness. I proudly recommend Kingdom Kajon to everyone.

Doud Zabriskie MFT.